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Write in the search box the term or sequence of characters you want to find and click on the Enter button. Alternatively, a word can be selected from the drop-down list that opens while writing. In the list of terms, you would see the entries in blue and its respectively languages: Basque (eu), Spanish (es) and English (en).


The result of the search will appear at the top of the screen. Should the word sought have more than one meaning, they will be displayed one after the other.

Information that each item may contain:

  • Thematic area corresponding to the term.
  • syn. The synonyms of the terms are displayed after the abbreviation.
  • Then the equivalent terms in each language will appear according to the international abbreviation of the language: English (en), Spanish (es) or Basque (eu).
  • Most of the times, definitions.
  • Cross-references to other dictionary entries.

If what has been written in the search box is not in the dictionary, the following message will appear: 'The term you are looking for is not in the dictionary. If you wish, you can send a message proposing that it be included.' If you click on the word proposal, the term will be sent and analysed in the dictionary.

Information in the interface

  •  Send a comment on the word.
  •  Button for sharing the word via social networks.
  • With this button you could consult any word you enter in the search box, directly in other dictionaries. To do so, click in one of these dictionaries: Elhuyar Hiztegiak, Elhuyarren Zientzia, Teknologiaren Hiztegi Entziklopedikoa (ZTH) and Wikipedia.
  • Cross-references to other dictionary entries.

To go back or return to the previous screen, click on the arrow of the browser window.

You can also choose the language of the browser: English, Spanish or Basque. To do so, click on the button en, es or eu.